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BSK Studios LLC built BSK Streams, a multifunctional streaming service, in 2022 and officially launched it in 2023. The purpose and aim are to take African content, including entertainment [music, movies, and fashion to the global audience].

Over the years, African content and entertainment have been consistently sought after, but there have been a limited number of distributors and entertainment practitioners taking the content to the global platform to showcase and distribute this extraordinary content. BSK STREAMS is set to help solve these problems.

At BSK STREAMS, we offer world-class African [afro] content such as movies and TV shows, documentaries and podcasts, 24-hour live radio playing your favorite Afrobeat music, live events, and concerts from your favorite artist in various parts of the world.

BSK STREAMS offers more options than the average streaming platform in Lanham, Maryland. We are ready to bring African entertainment on a global stage at your fingertip with the push of a button.

Our Mission Statement

At BSK STREAMS, our mission is to bridge the gap between African content creators and a global audience by providing a multifunctional streaming platform showcasing diverse entertainment, including music, movies, and fashion.

Our Vision Statement

We envision a future where African culture thrives on the global stage, where BSK STREAMS serves as the premier destination for authentic African entertainment, offering unparalleled access to captivating content and live experiences, all with the convenience of a single click.